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Five Easy Ways to Detox

To detox or not to detox; is that really the question? In the last few years “detox” went from something that celebrities did in rehab to the latest natural health trend. Kits, supplements and protocols began popping up everywhere from Whole Foods to mommy blogs to infomercials. Juice fasts, psyllium husks, wheatgrass shots and colonics were the new cure-all. But there are easier, gentler ways to detoxify that aren’t expensive, complicated or arduous.

  1. Epsom Salts: Buy this in bulk at your nearest drug store and make sure not to get the kind with added fragrances. Use a cup or two in the bath or as a foot soak and drop in your own essential oils if desired. Epsom salts are naturally rich in magnesium which relax the muscles, making this a wonderful way to soothe sore feet or alleviate menstrual cramps. Epsom salts also contain sulfate, which helps to detoxify the body. According to the Epsom Salt Council, sulfate helps flush toxins as well as helps the body form healthy proteins.
  2. Lemon juice: I used to have some great aunts (rest in peace) who lived off-the-grid out in the desert of Pahrump, Nevada. They were health nuts before Dr. Oz made health nuttiness a thing. Every Monday, they would drink gallons of the famous lemon juice-maple syrup-cayenne pepper drink to cleanse their bodies and kill off any internal parasites. My Aunt Dotty, in particular, loved living the all-natural lifestyle and had glowing skin, clear eyes, and the slim legs of a teenage beauty queen well into her eighties. Try warm water with fresh-squeezed lemon juice to stimulate digestion in the morning or after heavy meals to help the body produce bile and get the digestive juice flowing. Lemon juice is nature’s yellow wonder drug, and helps reduce inflammation, flush out toxins, balance pH levels and so much more.
  3. Infrared sauna: I confess, I am lucky enough to have a cedar infrared sauna in my home. It’s amazing! In the past I have also had the portable fold-up kind, which also works great, is much less expensive, and will cause your family endless amusement every time you use it. Infrared saunas, as well as exercising, allow the body’s pores to open up and release toxins. Infrared heat is able to penetrate into the cells of your body and has been shown to release up to seven times more toxins than a traditional Swedish sauna. I will report  that after a hot-and-sweaty sauna session (make sure to drink lots of pure water to stay hydrated and shower off immediately upon exiting!)  I feel refreshed and energized, I sleep better, and my skin feels smoother. If you still aren’t convinced, Dr. Frank Lipman has six reasons to invest in an infrared sauna to detox and improve your health.
  4. Liquid chlorophyll: The biggest benefit of drinking chlorophyll-laced water is that people will think you are absolutely crazy when they see you drinking a green drink (it may temporarily stain your teeth green). But the great thing about chlorophyll is, unlike wheatgrass, is does not have a strong taste. You only need a spoon-full or so in your glass of water and you will likely notice just the slightest “green” taste to your water. I actually like it! Chlorophyll, as you might remember from biology, is the green pigment in algae and plants that allow plants to create energy out of sunlight. Chlorophyll has been used internally for detoxification purposes and externally to aid wound healing for at least fifty years. It acts as an antioxidant and it is such a powerful detoxifier that it has been shown to prevent liver cancer and colon cancer in recent studies. You can find liquid chlrophyll at health food stores; I recommend the kind in a dark opaque glass bottle without anything added (such as glycerin). I use the DeSouza’s brand. In the refrigerator it should last almost indefinitely.
  5. Walking: You knew I was going to say exercise, right? You just can’t get around it: our bodies requires exercise to properly function and fully detoxify. Walking allows the lymphatic system to move toxins out of the system, as well as stimulates the cells and organs to release stored toxins. Walking has been shown to improve mood, reset the metabolism and so much more. Some people use a rebounder to stimulate the lymphatic system and trigger detoxification, but walking, we should remember, is the original rebounder. Of course, you should try to find a nice place to walk that is visually attractive, safe, and not full of noxious gas from passing vehicles. We want to be expelling toxins, not breathing them in!

Detoxifying on a regular basis is easy and doesn’t require that you set aside a week to purge. The sauna might be kind of pricey, I’ll admit, but many towns offer them in spas and health clubs so look around if you don’t have one in your house. You can also work up a sweat the good old-fashioned way: by working outside in the sunlight or turning your walk into a run. Just remember that detoxification can be a part of your routine that is easy, pleasant and inexpensive. Thanks, Aunt Dotty!

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