Natural Beauty

natural beauty nerdy nutYour everyday cleaning and beauty products can make a big impact on your family’s health. Again, finding non-toxic alternatives are not only healthier, they are also often more humane and better for the environment. Support products that do not test on animals and that will not cause harm to the ecosystem. Check out the Environmental Working Group for recommendations on products. You can also learn to make non-toxic alternatives at home; often times they not only work fabulously, but end up costing a small fraction of the price (yes, greenwashing is real and can take a toll on the wallet). Simply Google “DIY natural _____________” (there are natural recipes for almost everything these days!) and see what you can find on Pinterest and blogs. Wellness Mama has a ton of great recipes — her laundry detergent recipe works excellently and costs next to nothing to make!

Check out a few of my tried-and-true natural beauty products here.