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Thankful for the Chicken Pox

As a perfectly healthy baby, I was injected with the now off-market DPT vaccine which caused my whole body to stiffen like a board and suffer a wildly high fever; I was likely experiencing febrile seizures. My mom rushed me to the ER where she was, like thousands upon thousands of moms who rush their children to the ER for vaccine-related adverse reactions, dismissed by the staff, told to go home, and maybe to administer Tylenol.

I was subjected to further injections from that time forward, unfortunately, and to powerful pharmaceutical pills for benign conditions such as teenage acne which wreaked untold havoc on my health. I wish I could take it all back. I wish I had nothing but non-toxic remedies, pure water and healthy food from Day One. But when you live in the 20th century United States, you end up doing things a certain way, for the  most part, whether or not those things are good for you or are actually backed up by science.

That DPT vaccine, the whole-cell pertussis version, was eventually recalled because it led to so many severe adverse reactions, including permanent brain damage and death. Barbara Loe Fisher, whose son was permanently disabled by this vaccine, co-wrote A Shot in the Dark about the problems with the pertussis vaccine and the politics surrounding the vaccination program at the time. She went on to found the National Vaccine Information Center, a non-profit educational organization that seeks to educate, inform and empower parents when faced with the increasingly aggressive vaccination program in the United States.

But still, I was lucky. After the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed in 1986, vaccine manufacturers were granted immunity from liability. They had complained to their friends in Congress that, since their vaccines were causing so many injuries, they were being sued by too many parents and losing too much money. So Congress fixed all that. Now, if your child is injured by a vaccine as hundreds are each day, you cannot sue the manufacturer or the doctor. Your only option is to report it to VAERS and seek redress through a special court system, and heaven help you if you try to receive compensation for that injury.

Soon after they received carte blanche protection, the vaccine schedule doubled, tripled and quadrupled. There are now 49 doses of 14 vaccines recommended for each child in the United States by age 6. And there are at least 270 in development; vaccines for everything from asthma to obesity to high cholesterol.

In 1995 they licensed a vaccine for the chicken pox, a largely benign childhood illness, much like the measles was once considered. I got the chicken pox when I was five years old, and spent a few days covered in cream and watching The Little Mermaid. Admittedly, I still have a couple of faint scars. But I also have lifetime immunity that will protect me and could pass antibodies onto my future children; the same process occurs for mothers who were naturally infected with the measles and other pathogens (this is called naturally acquired passive immunity).

Those who got the vaccine are not so fortunate. The immunity granted via vaccination, if it grants any in the first place, wanes over just a few short years. Thus, regular boosters may be required to continue to receive protection (the varicella vaccine already requires at least one booster), and vaccinated children are left vulnerable in their adult years, in a time frame when many pathogens become more virulent and dangerous as well as pose an extreme risk to women in their reproductive years; for example contracting the chicken pox while pregnant is quite dangerous.

So, I can really count my blessings. Instead of peacefully watching Ariel sing about how she longs to trade her fins for feet, I could have been dragged into yet another extremely traumatic “Well Child” visit for another forced and unneeded injection of disease matter, animal DNA and carcinogenic and neurotoxic additives.

In addition, the varicella/chicken pox vaccine (and other live virus vaccines) can shed the virus, infecting those around them. Those who receive the chicken pox (Varivax) vaccine are warned on the manufacturer’s insert to avoid contact with pregnant women, newborns, and those who have not contracted chicken pox for at least six weeks. How many doctors are advising children’s parents of this, and how many are complying?

While vaccines are often touted as a miraculous and infallible boon to public health, they actually can end up harming not only the individual who receives them but the public health they supposedly help. For example, the current version of the DPT vaccine has been admitted to not be very effective against pertussis and to turn people into asymptomatic carriers, actually spreading the disease and causing outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations. This may explain why in the 1970s, annual outbreaks of pertussis were on average less than 5,000 and as low as 1,010; in the 2000s they are reaching towards 50K cases a year in a population that boasts up to a 99% vaccination rate.

Another case in point is the aforementioned fact that the vaccine only grants temporary immunity (and not as robust or thorough a immunity as naturally acquired infections), leaving people vulnerable in later years and not allowing protective antibodies to be passed onto infants. Thus, the most vulnerable populations, the elderly and infants, are at risk because of the vaccination program, not because of the unvaccinated as is often claimed. In addition, there can be unintended consequences to vaccination such as trading short-term, easily treatable and largely benign illnesses for permanent or long-term debilitating autoimmune disorders that often have no cure;  the vaccine itself causing outbreaks of the disease as has been noted with the oral polio vaccine; the vaccine leading to more virulent strains, vaccine-derived strains and vaccine-resistant strains; and the vaccine shifting the risk to contracting other, more dangerous diseases, such as is happening with the varicella vaccine and shingles.

The United Kingdom does not commonly administer the varicella vaccine because it has been linked to an increased rate of shingles in the population. This information, like any information that sheds a negative light on the vaccination program, is being actively suppressed and subverted in the United States. Shingles is a much more painful, dangerous and potentially morbid disease than chicken pox. While some claim the varicella vaccine reduces the risk for shingles (herpes zoster), this has not been adequately proven and the reverse may be true. There is, happily for the vaccine manufacturers’ bank accounts, a vaccine for shingles.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the knowledge I have gained about how to achieve true health. True health will never be achieved through the chemical-based allopathic model that relies on injections and pills instead of building a naturally strong immune system. In time, vaccination will be seen as such a cringe-inducingly misguided practice as a long list of other man-made inventions that were once heralded as safe-and-effective only to be revealed as the opposite. In each case, it takes decades for policy and mainstream thinking to catch up with the facts. In the meantime, the consequences are widespread and insidious, affecting not only the current generation but future generations for the worse. Will you see through the lies and manipulation? Will you learn from history and past mistakes? Take your health into your own hands, use your brain, and kick vaccine-pushing quacks to the curb. Your children will someday thank you.


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