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The True Causes of Breast Cancer

We’d all like to focus on pumpkins, fall leaves, and perhaps some ghosts and goblins, but instead we get to see pink. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month thanks to AstraZeneca and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and I’m sure you have noticed. Many sport the pink ribbon, pink shirts, pink hats and such with the utmost of good intentions. The problem is, it’s all a scam.

If you aren’t aware of the true story behind Susan G. Komen and the breast cancer awareness movement, I suggest checking out the documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc.. Nancy Brinker, the CEO, has drawn criticism for her outsized salary, which NBC News reported at $684,000, and for accepting donations from Planned Parenthood. In addition, they have been accused of “pinkwashing”: partnering with companies for the purposes of profit and PR instead of actually trying to advance breast cancer research. They have partnered with Yoplait, KFC, cosmetic companies and others that one might not typically associate with glowing good health.

In addition, despite all the donations, pink ribbons and racing for the cure, there is very little focus on the cause. Just like with virtually all cancers, they are largely caused by epigenetics, not genetics. That means that even if you have certain mutations that supposedly make you more high-risk, that does NOT mean you will get the disease. Yes, Angelina Jolie may have removed her breasts and ovaries for absolutely no reason.

AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company that manufactures two blockbuster breast cancer drugs, is behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Just like with Susan G. Komen, there is little mention of the cause of cancer and what can really be done to prevent it. The only thing they want you to do is get a yearly mammogram, which whaddayaknow, has actually been shown to CAUSE cancer (radiation, duh) andlead to countless unneccesary surgeries due to false positives. Then, there is the whole problem with the slash-and-burn “treatments” promoted by the same medical cartel, but that’s a story for another day.

Some potential causes of breast cancer, beyond the typical poor diet and lack of exercise, include radiation, low vitamin Daluminum-containing anti-perspirant, working the night shift, having a mother that was exposed to DDT and chemicals in general. The causes of any modern disease are myriad, but one thing is clear: eating a yogurt full of artificial colors and sugar that happens to have a pink lid ain’t gonna help nobody.

A recent study found that, interestingly, a bovine leukemia virus is linked to breast cancer. They don’t know how the women contracted it. Hmmm… bovine fetal serum is an ingredient in many vaccines. Just like SV40, could this be a retrovirus that is able to cross the species barrier and cause cancer when injected into humans? Injecting foreign animal DNA (and human DNA) into infants is turning out to be a really bad idea. The WHO is aware of this issue but doesn’t want to cause the public alarm. This is just one of the many reasons why I oppose vaccination, but I digress. Enjoy your October, and try not to see red whenever you see pink.

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