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We Are All Sanpaku

There is a book that came out in the 1960s called You Are All Sanpaku. On the cover is a menacing eyeball, the white showing under the pupil. The book explained that in our modern Western culture, our diet and unhealthy lifestyle has made us all sanpaku, meaning sick, slow and not quite ourselves. The Japanese term, explains the publisher, “connotes a grave state of physical and spiritual imbalance” and “can be recognized by chronic fatigue, low sexual vitality, poor instinctive reactions, bad humor, inability to sleep soundly and lack of precision in thought and action.” The sanpaku, due to his low vital forces and low vibrational energies, often becomes the victim of disaster, accident, or crime, or is himself the perpetrator of crime and violence.

Whether or not we can see the white under our eyes, we have become a society of sickness. Our bodies are sick, which makes our minds sick, which makes our souls sick. Millions of us are on anti-depressants. Lexapro, Prozac, Abilify, Paxil, Zoloft: the names carefully crafted by clever young wordsmiths brainstorming around a conference table, melding Latin terms and words connoting happiness and elation. Behind these catchy words and their hypnotic marketing campaigns, there is the reality of shattered lives. It recently hit the news that GlaxoSmithKline hid data showing an increased risk for suicide and violent behavior in teenagers taking Paxil. Similar stories have emerged about Prozac and the entire class of SSRI drugs.

While many claim that these drugs have helped them to feel better, which may be largely attributable to a placebo effect according to holistic psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD, many end up feeling worse, and going through drastic withdrawals after ceasing to take the drugs. Most psychiatrists do not address the root cause of depression, which can be normal expressions of grief to life events or situations, and often can be traced to sub-clinical nutrient and mineral deficiences in the body. We have a mental health epidemic in this country, and there is no magic pill.

I live in Roseburg, Oregon. A beautiful, peaceful, blue-collar, quiet little hamlet of this country. Yesterday, the most surreal and unthinkable and devastating thing happened: innocent people were murdered on a college campus by a soul-sick young man. What his motivation was, what mental illness or imbalance afflicted him, what drugs he took; all is unknown, and may never be known. This is the latest in a long line of such tragic tales. Predictably, President Obama took to the podium to decry the nation’s gun laws, and many laud him for doing so and support further gun control. I ask you to consider the following:

  1. Oregon already requires criminal background checks to purchase guns
  2. The perpetrator had no prior arrest warrants or criminal record
  3. Unless you’re a trained combat veteran or off-duty military, you probably are going to need a weapon to stop a person with a weapon

I don’t think my community, by and large, wants it to be made harder for good people to obtain guns for personal safety and self-defense reasons. We don’t want blanket bureaucracy symptom suppression that ignores the root cause of our collective illness.

Yes, every society needs laws. We have them. They already exist. What no law can fix is a sick, sad, soul-rotten nation. This generation has largely been fed junk food, shuttled to public school prisons, and babysat by screens that feed them a constant supply of dumbed-down, low-brow entertainment that appeals to our baser instincts. We’re sugar addicts, salt addicts, MSG addicts; we think blue Slurpees and Mickey D’s are normal and organic food is weird. We live in cities designed around cars, not people, where our neighbors’ windows are illumined by the glow of a thousand screens and no one comes together on common ground. We breathe a constant stream of heavy metal-laden car exhaust and our lawns are saturated with carcinogens. Our medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers are filled with chemical-laced products. Our schools are under the control of the Common Core and our doctors are at the mercy of Big Pharma.

Nicotine, cannabis and alcohol are the least of our issues. Teens are prone to mess around with drugs, and yes, drugs can wreak havoc on a community and Douglas County has a major illegal drug problem that should be addressed. But it also has a legal drug problem, and so does every town and county in the nation.

The NRA has a huge lobby arm, but Big Pharma’s is even bigger. In fact the pharmaceutical industry is, by far, the biggest and most powerful lobbying group in the nation. They also exert control over every major mainstream media outlet in the country because of their gigantic advertising budget. Let’s not let them get away with the drugging of our children any longer. Stop being a passive consumer and begin to take back control of your health and your life.

I don’t know how to fix America’s soul sickness, but I don’t believe the answer is gun control. I think we need a root cause resolution that has to do with our nation’s servitude to Big Ag, Big Chem and Big Pharma. Our food system, agricultural system and health care system are the root causes of our collective illness. Our government serves them, not us. They distract us with red herrings and promise to fix things with more laws that restrict individual freedoms while empowering mega-corporations. Look no further than legislation to enact medical tyranny on the parents and children of this nation, the Dark Act and the TPP, all railroaded through our “representative” bodies by industry-funded lobbyists.

What do we need to do? Grieve this senseless tragedy. Then become aware, empowered, and capable of independent thought and action. Shut off the cable TV. Say no to more prescriptions. Refuse to give into peer pressure that gets you hooked on the same old health-sapping diet, pills and media. Decide you will become part of the ever-growing movement to true physical, mental and spiritual health. Look out for the young people in your community. Monitor those who are succumbing to the darkness.

We have always had civilian access to guns in this country since it was founded in 1776. There has never been a time when Americans were not allowed to exert their 2nd Amendment rights. Yet, these mass school shootings have only become an issue since the 1980s. What has changed? We do not have more access to guns than we did in 1950; in fact, we probably have less. What has changed is the general mental state of our nation’s youth. Ask yourself what are the true reasons for that shift.

Just like with the topic of vaccination, the mainstream media and powers-that-be are counting on you not to look at the history books and the data, and on connecting the dots. They don’t want you to think too deeply. They want to soothe you by the nightly news monologues and to go along with the crowds. Unplug from their propaganda and start doing your research. Only by addressing the root cause of our nation’s illnesses will we ever be able to truly heal.

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