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Published on September 18th, 2016 | by jen915


Why are vaccines more dangerous today?

Why are vaccines more dangerous today?

  1. Have you looked at the CDC recommended schedule lately? The Baby Boomers got a couple. Gen Xers maybe a couple more. In the 1980s we had a handful, and no one seemed to care much if we skipped a few. Following the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986, the schedule exploded, and they keep adding more every year. We are now up to 70 doses by age 6 and counting. They find one doesn’t work so well, so they just add another booster to the list! Heck, why not vaccinate the fetus by getting one into pregnant mama? And despite their claims of “safety”, the schedule has never been studied for its combined effects. Our children are being treated like pincushions, and far too many people aren’t questioning if all these vaccines are really needed.
  2. The environment is more toxic. We release billions of pounds of chemicals into our environment every year, and only a small number have gone through any safety testing at all. Worse, almost none have been studied for their synergistic effects, meaning that they are more detrimental when combined than when found alone. Studies have found contaminants in human blood, urine and breastmilk, and one study by the Environmental Working Group found over 200 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborns. Not only does this add to the cumulative toxic burden of an individual, but again, these toxins are not studied in combination. Furthermore, a PhD scientist from MIT, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, believes that the glyphosate in RoundUp and the aluminum in most vaccines have a powerfully synergistic effect that makes the aluminum much more neurotoxic to the body and brain than it otherwise would be. Glyphosate is now nearly ubiquitous in the environment.
  3. There is a phenomenon called epigenetics, where the health and exposures of the grandparents can affect the health of today’s generation. Did you know that before a female is born, she carries the eggs of her future children already inside her? Scientists are now discovering that toxic exposures and other environmental conditions such as diet and lifestyle habits can cause genetic mutations in DNA which can be passed down to future generations. About sixty years ago we began growing our food with toxic chemicals and artificial fertilizers for the first time. Our exposures to things like plastic byproducts, DDT, lead and mercury began to increase for the first time in human history. We entered the age of the petroleum-based chemical. Chemicals were in our food, cleaning products, toiletries and medicines. Chemicals were sprayed in houses, on lawns, over crops and cities. One by one we find out just how dangerous each one is, and that many can persist in the human body and negatively affect future generations. For just one example, females born to mothers who were exposed to DDT are four times more likely to develop breast cancer. Our soil became increasingly depleted and our food increasingly processed, leading to a population that is overfed but subchronically malnourished.

Bottom line, our children are already being born in precariously fragile health with potentially compromised DNA. They are then subjected to a toxic environment, and then shot up with an entire list of neurotoxic ingredients and disease matter, starting at day one of birth. Is it any wonder we have the skyrocketing rates of autism and autoimmune issues that we are seeing today?

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