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Why You Need to See Vaxxed

Two weekends ago I stood on a street corner in front of the CDC holding a handmade sign in the pouring rain as stony-faced CDC employees — scientists, admins, paper pushers — crossed the street without looking at us. I wondered what they were thinking. As I looked up at the scintillating glass facade, such a city bastion that it is featured in murals throughout Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, the world’s busiest airport, I wondered if anyone was up there looking down at us; maybe even Dr. William Thompson, himself.

To most of the world, the Centers for Disease Control is a noble entity, keeping track of the latest pathogens and keeping pandemics at bay. What would we do without the CDC, who gives us stats on America’s biggest killers (cancer, heart disease and the medical establishment), warns nubile young women to get on the pill or stay stone cold sober, proclaims that the Swine Flu Ebola Zika is going to kill us all and we need to spray ourselves with neurotoxic chemicals while Congress hands out billions to pharma companies for vaccine research, and, of course, sets the schedule for when all the good, obedient moms and dads need to take the little ones into get their vaccines. Don’t cry, Suzie, it’s for your own good, and even if it’s not, it’s for the greater good. Except that it’s neither.

But to explain how and why would fill books; fortunately, there are dozens of books that have written by those more knowledgeable and credentialed than I. If you seek the truth, you shall find.

The problem is that many Americans don’t want to read books that may espouse unpopular opinions. They think that watching the evening news makes them informed, and they think that a white coat automatically confers infallibility. They have good intentions. They want to protect their kids. The problem is, is they simply can’t fathom the monstrous hold that industry, and in this case, the pharmaceutical industry, has on the policy and press — and thus the law of the land and collective consciousness. They dangle millions in front of their supposed watchdogs, command an army of lobbyists and pull the strings on the marionnette talking heads that read from tightly edited scripts and stringently planned newscasts. If you want to learn more about the way the spin machine works in the United States, follow Sharyl Attkisson, who is one of the few independent journalists resisting this Orwellian trend.

If you want an example of Big Pharma’s inescapable tentacles, I have one for you. Ben Swann, an award-winning investigative journalist who was one of the only reporters to cover the inaugural CDC Truth Rally in October 2015, launched a much-anticipated expose on the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson and released the documents to the public at the beginning of this year. Although the article and video was shared upwards of 30,000 times in a matter of days and garnered thousands of comments, it was abruptly pulled off the TruthInMedia website and instead redirects to his personal Facebook page.

So it goes when you dare question the party line. Recently, the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, was set to screen at the famed Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Just days before the screening, Robert DeNiro decided to pull the film after previously defending it. The last-minute about-face drew media attention and DeNiro found himself on The Today Show, where a segment on the Tribeca Film Festival’s 15th anniversary quickly veered onto the controversial documentary and DeNiro’s stance. DeNiro grew visibly emotional during the interview, stating, “I think that the movie is something that people should see. There was a backlash that I haven’t fully explored, and I will … but definitely there is something to that movie. … You guys are the ones that should do the investigating.” He then goes on  to say, “There is something there. There’s something there that people aren’t addressing. And for me to get so upset, here, today on The Today Show with you guys, means there’s something there.”

While the film didn’t get to screen at Tribeca, it is currently being screened throughout the country (although similar censorship occurred in Houston and in Arizona) and is garnering rave reviews from people who have actually seen the film (or more appropriately, inspiring passionate anger and stunned disbelief). I was able to see it while in Atlanta for the second CDC Truth Rally and was also privileged to hear from the producer, Del Bigtree, who left a lucrative position as the producer of CBS show The Doctors to take on this project. Working closely with the falsely maligned Dr. Wakefield and the research scientist Dr. Brian Hooker, whose recorded phone calls with whistleblower Dr. Thompson form the core of the film’s subject matter, they created a tour de force that features emotional stories from parents of vaccine-injured children spliced with mind-blowing evidence of widespread malfeasance at the institution trusted with our nation’s and our children’s public health. I don’t cry easily, but I cried in this film.

For another example of how censorship extends to even seemingly progressive outlets and independent platforms,  long-time writer Lance Simmens recently had his review of Vaxxed pulled immediately after it was published on The Huffington Post, a site he had written over 200 articles for without incident. He received little explanation excepting the tired trope about the vaccine-autism link having already been discredited. He even had his account suspended and had to send a request directly to Arianna Huffington for it to be reinstated. It eventually was, but Simmens says that they have yet to accept further articles from him, even on unrelated topics. He has been effectively blacklisted, and the subject declared verboten.

Simmens went into the film without many predisposed notions. In this interview with Dr. Nancy Tarlow, he mentions that prior to seeing the documentary, he had no strong opinions or given much thought to the topic of vaccination. He had his children vaccinated on schedule in order to allow them to attend school, and that was that. He opted to see the documentary when it screened in New York City, because he knew it was controversial and wanted to see what it had to share for himself. His censored review, which you can read in entirety here, is the work of a reporter giving their honest and objective perspective, without ulterior motive. The fact that his words were silenced by the media should give us all a major collective pause. The Huffington Post is supposed to give platform to independent voices on myriad topics, and Simmens had written on provocative topics for them in the past, without incident. Discussion, debate and free-thinking are the hallmarks of an enlightened and progressive society. This incident speaks volumes about our supposed freedom of the press, which, by the way, is ranked 41st in the world.

I’m willing to bet this film will inspire almost everyone who sees it with righteous outrage. The fact that industry and “government watchdogs” such as the EPA and the FDA are in close cahoots is able to be copiously documented. For just a few examples of this corruptive trend, read Science for Sale: How the US Government Uses Powerful Corporations and Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, and Protect Corporate Profits by Dr. David L. Lewis. The CDC vaccine division suppressing the link between vaccines and autism, which is outlined in the documentary (and elsewhere, such as in this book), constitutes just one example of a rotten entity that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has called “a cesspool of corruption” and “a snakepit of Big Pharma lies.”

The funny thing is, although many of the people featured in the film could possibly be classified as anti-vaccine (and proud of it), the film does not promote an anti-vaccine message. It calls for the following four points, which are flashed across the screen at the end of the movie:

  • 1 – That Congress subpoena Dr. William Thompson and investigate the CDC fraud.
  • 2 – That Congress repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine injury Act and hold manufacturers liable for injury caused by their vaccines.
  • 3 – That the single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine be made available immediately.
  • 4 – That all vaccines be classified as pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.

That’s all, folks! That’s the heretical message that was too hot for Tribeca, too hot for Houston’s mayor, too hot for the talking heads at your favorite news station. The fact that some people, most of which hadn’t seen the film, and others bowing to outside pressures, are calling for the censorship of this very well-made film, should be a major red flag to the American public. It should really make you wonder why they are trying so damn hard to suppress this information, information which is backed up by hard evidence, and which begs for Congressional investigation. You need to wake up and smell the stink of this thing. Come to grips with the awful reality that thousands of children have been injured by vaccines for several decades now, and are continuing to be injured every day. As many of us know who have dedicated hours and hours of research to this topic, it isn’t just thimerosal (mercury), or aluminum, or the MMR, or Dr. William Thompson’s malevolent colleagues. The problems with our current vaccination schedule and vaccines in general are legion, and that is exactly why “they”, sitting up there cozy and closed off in their corner offices at the CDC, and Merck, and GlaxoSmithKline, are terrified of this one little break in the dam. The whole thing might just come crashing down around them. But first you have to peek behind the curtain.

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe will likely be available on DVD and online in the future. For now, catch it in one of these cities. If you want to bring Vaxxed to your city, start a Facebook group according to the production team’s suggestions.

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